October 2019

The State Properties General Authority Organizes a Workshop on “The Mechanism for Allocating Headquarters for Government Agencies in Riyadh”

The State Properties General Authority organized a workshop on “The Mechanism for Allocating Headquarters for Government Agencies in Riyadh” during the period from 28 Safar to 3 Rabi` Al Awal 1441 AH corresponding to 27-31 October 2019 in Riyadh. The workshop was in cooperation with the Public Investment Fund – Riyadh Downtown Development Company (JASARA), The Ministry of Finance, the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh, and AL Riyadh Municipality, in addition to the participation of 54 government agencies represented by agents, general managers and department managers.

In the opening speech of the workshop, His Excellency the Governor of the State Properties General Authority, Ihsan bin Abbas Bafakih, welcomed the audience, explaining that the workshop intents to collect requirements, study needs, and design the mechanism for providing government headquarters in Riyadh. He illustrates that these goals fall within the framework of implementing the tasks and duties held by the authority which includes approving the necessary rules and procedures for allocating state properties to government agencies.

After that, His Excellency presented a summary of the authority, indicating that it aims to organize what is related to the state's real estate affairs such as protecting and preserving them; how to control them; optimally exploiting and investing them; supervising them; unifying their related policies; allocating them to different uses; and canceling their allocation when necessary. His Excellency Mr. Ihsan Bafakih added that the workshop " The Mechanism for Allocating Headquarters for Government Agencies in Riyadh " discusses the stages and procedures for studying the needs and expected outputs.


The inauguration also talked about the strategic plan for the city of Riyadh and the development program directed towards public transport and the most important major projects. In that regard, engineer Ahmed Al-Otaishan from the Royal Commission for Riyadh pointed out the major initiatives and programs in the city of Riyadh in addition to the best global practices that will be applied to the transportation development plan. Then, Eng. Khaled Al-Khaled from JASARA Development Company, with the participation of consultant Tim Scabrugge from Jacobs Engineering Company, talked about the stages and procedures of the study and the expected outputs from the workshop. Eng. Khaled referred to the standards and references related to the process of raising the efficiency of the state’s real estate portfolio from an operational, economical and spatial aspects.

At the end of the meeting, there were general discussions, exchange of opinions and proposals, and answering some inquiries and questions of the attendance by the assistant governor, Dr. Ahmed Bakerman, Mr. Muhammad Al Khadira, and Mr. Zayed Al-Mutairi from the State Properties General Authority; as well as Professor Ahmed Al-Atayshan from the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh; Professor Khaled Al-Khaled, from JASARA Development Company; and Consultant Tim Scabrug from Jacobs Engineering. After that, everyone ate lunch and then the workshops started for the participated entities. Furthermore, additional meetings were scheduled with other participating parties to study their needs and to exchange some information that should achieve the desired resuls.

It is noteworthy that the State Properties General Authority undertakes laying down general policies related to state real estate affairs; plans and programs necessary to implement them; setting the necessary procedures to establish state ownership of all its real estate; following up the implementation of regulations and instructions related to state real estate affairs; and preserving the assets of state real estate title deeds. The authority also sets rules and controls for investing and disposing of state property, as well as setting criteria for appraising, buying or renting real estate.

Translated by: Amal Alforaih