September 2019

National Day / STAT PROPRITY GENERAL ATHURITY celebrates the 89th National Day

The State Propriety General Authority celebrates on Wednesday 26/01/1441 - 25/09/2019 the eighty-ninth national day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the sponsored by the governor of the SPGA Mr. Ehsan bin Abbas Bafakih and numbers of official's excellencies, advisors, and employees of the SPGA.

Authority's Administrative Affairs Department thanks all colleagues who participated in organizing this event

Director of Administrative Affairs: Mr. Yahya Shbeir

Director of the Asset Management: Mr. Maram Al-Khuraisy  

Public Relations at the Governor's Office:

Mr. Abdullah Al-Wadaan and Mr. Majed Al-Subaie  


Mr. Mansour Al-Odan, Ms. Fajr Al-Sahli, and Ms. Fatima Al-Shehri