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About Us

About SPGA:

The “State Property Department” has been transformed into a public body in the name of “the State Properties General Authority” based on The Council of Ministers’ decision No. (621) dated (12/24/1439 AH). The purpose of this transformation is to achieve an optimal and effective exploitation of investment; and to utilize, operate and maintain the state real estate in a manner that is consistent with the goals of 2030 vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..

The transformation project aims to prepare a system for the state’s real estate to enhance the authority’s role in using the state properties, exploiting and investing them in an optimal way based on the authority’s area of specialization stated in its organizational arrangements. The authority’s role is reflected in proposing draft regulations related to state’s real estate affairs, and proposing to amend existing ones to match global practices. This will be accomplished as the system will include as set of provisions, general policies, and legislative policies necessary for the use and investment of state’s properties in addition to setting rules and controls for investing in state real estate in line with achieving the 2030 vision and supporting its programs.

Definition of SPGA:

The Kingdom has entrusted the State Properties General Authority with approving the necessary regulations and procedures for allocating state real estate to government agencies or others, and canceling their allocation when necessary. These powers are granted in order to achieve the main objective of regulating the state's real estate affairs such as protecting and preserving them; dealing with, exploiting and supervising them; optimally utilizing and investing them; standardizing their related policies; and allocating them for different uses while canceling allocating them when necessary.

The State Properties General Authority enjoys legal personality, financial and administrative independence, and is organizationally linked to the Prime Minister. Its main headquarters is in the city of Riyadh, and it has branches or offices in different regions in the Kingdom, according to the need of the "Authority" to establish these offices.

The Council of Ministers decided to approve the conversion of the "State Property Department" to a public body under the name " the State Properties General Authority ", and to replace the name " the State Property Department " with the name of "Authority". The Authority, in addition to its established competencies as a system, undertakes the tasks and competencies related to state real estate affairs, especially in setting general policies related to state real estate affairs, plans and programs necessary for their implementation, proposing draft regulations related to state real estate affairs, and proposing to amend existing ones and submitting them to complete regulatory procedures, with the necessary procedures established to confirm state ownership of all its properties.

The Authority was also entrusted with adopting mechanisms to ensure integration and coordination between government agencies concerned with state real estate affairs enabling them to implement the tasks assigned to them, and to decide on any conflicts between them. It was also assigned the responsibility of preserving the assets of state real estate deeds, building and developing an integrated electronic database with a geographical information system for the state’s real estate and coordinating with the relevant authorities to unify standards and specifications for that, in addition to cooperating and exchanging experiences with regional and international organizations and bodies, and specialized houses of expertise inside and outside of the Kingdom, within the limits of the authority’s jurisdiction.


State property is protected, efficiently utilized, and enables beneficiaries to effectively deliver their mandates.


We safeguard state property and provide quality and efficient real estate solutions to government entities that ensures optimal value creation to the state.


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